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Problem Solving Ninja.  Digital Marketing Guru.  Speak MarTech.

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I am Sangeeta Sami a Marketing and Digital Transformation Consultant.  I have a decade worth of experience in transforming marketing teams and processes for B2B global information and technology companies.  Experience of operating in UK based small companies as well as global FTSE 100 organisations.

I set up my consultancy practice to offer Strategic Marketing Support focused on Digital Marketing, Operations, and Transformation Projects.  After spending a significant portion of my career working closely with the C-suite & senior leaders I noticed two major areas where I can add value. 

Firstly for a problem solver aligned to the senior leadership teams – with marketing teams and mid-level leaders caught up in day to day delivery some of the more long term strategic projects can be sidelined.  These are the projects that will allow your team to deliver more value but are not necessarily given the time and attention they need. I was a pioneer of many problem-solving initiatives in my last role collaborating cross-functionally to spearhead investment proposals and identifying efficiencies to scale global functions.

Secondly the emergence of marketing operations as a discipline in its own right.  Previously part of what is now becoming the realm of Ops function has sat within IT functions, as marketing teams take ownership of the technology and process required to help the team run effectively they are being faced with new challenges; tech stacks, skills, and knowledge.  I have built and scaled a global Marketing Operations department for a $200m+revenue company.  The team has been responsible for driving a 13% YOY increase in revenue. Marketing Ops will become the bloodline for all marketing functions in the future.

In addition to this I am a digital marketing guru – always remaining at the core of my roles I can devise digital marketing strategies to drive business goals, enhance the performance of channels, and develop capabilities.  Most recently I demonstrated a 25% revenue growth from channels underserved when developing digital marketing capabilities for my most recent company.

Outside of work, I am a volunteer mentor, committed to supporting startups to scale. I can be described as a personal development nerd with a keen interest in business psychology. Lady who lifts, lover of 90’s action films, a “creative” cook & road trip enthusiast.

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